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Professor Kristian Lasslett


Kristian Lasslett is Professor of Criminology at Ulster University and sits on the Executive Board of the International State Crime Initiative. He is joint Editor-in-Chief of State Crime, a leading international peer reviewed journal, and co-founder of the investigative research centre, UzInvestigations. Kristian’s investigative research focuses on criminogenic intersections of state and corporate power, the transnational structures that facilitate elite criminality, and the communities of resistance that emerge in opposition.

This focus has been operationalised through fieldwork on the extractive industries in South-East Asia and Central Asia, in addition to investigative work on grand corruption, kleptocracy, asset recovery, land-grabbing and forced eviction. Kristian has published on a range of subjects in leading international journals and edited collections, including scientific method, state theory, investigative research methodologies, decolonial theory, state-corporate crime, corruption, and forced eviction.

His investigations into corruption and transnational crime have appeared in the BBC, The Guardian, Radio Free Europe, Open Democracy and Tages-Anzeiger. He is the producer of the feature documentary Ophir and project director of web-documentary series, The Colonial Syndrome. His first book State Crime on the Margins of Empire was published by Pluto Press in 2014. His second book, Uncovering The Crimes of Urbanisation, was published by Routledge in 2018.

Research Opportunities

Research Opportunities with Professor Kristian Lasslett
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Projects in the Applied Social and Policy Sciences  Funded PhD Opportunity Funded PhD Opportunity Monday 26 February 2024 4:00PM