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Dr Kongfatt Wong-Lin


Dr. KongFatt Wong-Lin is a Reader at the Intelligent Systems Research Centre (ISRC), within the School of Computing, Engineering and Intelligent Systems, Ulster University (UU).

Dr. Wong-Lin's research interests lie at the interface of computational modelling and mathematical analysis of systems and cognitive neuroscience, psychology, brain disorders, neural computation and engineering, AI and data science. His excellent research in computational neuroscience has led to his receiving the Best Paper Award at the IJCNN 2011 international conference, and the 2016 UU's Distinguished Research Fellowship Award. He led a series of research projects on dementia data analytics which resulted in receiving the 2019 UU Research Excellence Award.

He has also led the ISRC Computational Neuroscience Research Team, the dementia research cluster at the Centre for Personalised Medicine, and co-led the Deep Dementia Phenotyping (DEMON) Network for Northern Ireland on dementia data science. He is currently leading the Northern Ireland research group of a US-Ireland tripartite neuroscience research project.

In 2017, Dr. Wong-Lin received the Moore Institute Visiting Research Fellowship at the National University of Ireland Galway, and in 2020, a Visiting Fellowship at University College at the University of Oxford. He is also the founder and lead organiser for the ISRC Computational Neuroscience, Neurotechnology and Neuro-inspired AI (ISRC-CN3) Autumn School.

Before joining UU, Dr. Wong-Lin was a research associate at Princeton University in mathematical and cognitive neurosciences, with affiliation to The Program in Applied and Computational Mathematics, Center for the Study of Brain, Mind and Behavior, and Princeton Neuroscience Institute. Prior to that, he received his Ph.D. in Physics with focus on Computational Neuroscience at Brandeis University, USA, with affiliation to the Volen National Center for Complex Systems. He received his undergraduate and (accelerated) M.Sc. degrees in Physics at the National University of Singapore.

He is a reviewer for journals across multiple disciplines (e.g. neuroscience, psychology, computing, engineering and mathematics), and currently serves as Editorial Board Member for the Journal of Neuroscience Methods and Associate Editor for Frontiers in Integrative Neuroscience. He is also a member of the UK EPSRC Peer Review College, and has reviewed grant/fellowship applications from e.g. EPSRC, BBSRC, MRC, ESRC, Wellcome Trust, and EU (ERC). Reflecting his multidisciplinary research approach, he is a member of several professional societies, including Society for Neuroscience, British Neuroscience Association, IEEE, and Society for Mathematical Biology. Dr. Wong-Lin has received several external research grants including from RCUK, Innovate UK, Royal Society, Invest NI, HSCNI R&D and the EU, to support various research projects.

Dr. Wong-Lin currently serves as the Chair for the Careers, Opportunities and Development Working Group within UU’s BAME+ Network. In Spring 2022, he was a member of the UU Research Inclusion and Diversity Team, within the UU Research Culture and Strategy Teams.

Research Opportunities

Research Opportunities with Dr Kongfatt Wong-Lin
Title Closing Date
Computational modelling of decision uncertainty awareness and learning: From Computational Neuroscience of metacognition to AI applications  Funded PhD Opportunity Funded PhD Opportunity Monday 27 February 2023 4:00PM
Continual learning for modelling non-stationary systems  Funded PhD Opportunity Funded PhD Opportunity Monday 27 February 2023 4:00PM