Dr Jennifer Hamilton

Head of School of Appled Social and Policy Sciences

School of Applied Social and Policy Sc.

Belfast campus

Room BC-07-224,
2-24 York Street,
BT15 1AP,

Institute for Research in Social Sciences

Head of School of Appled Social and Policy Sciences

Dr Jennifer Hamilton


Dr Jennifer Hamilton has been a Lecturer in social policy since September 2010 and Course Director for health and social care policy since 2013.

She teaches in the areas of gender and social policy, race and ethnicity, children and family policy, research methods and study skills.  

Jennifer also co-ordinates the six week placement prgramme for social policy and health and social care policy degrees.

She has been involved in social research among the minority ethnic population in Northern Ireland having previously been Senior Researcher for the Institute for Conflict Research (Belfast).  

Her research has included investigating the level of service provision, mainly in the health and education sectors, for minority ethnic communities.  

Jennifer has also conducted research into social cohesion among migrants and existing residents, the level and impact of racism in Northern Ireland and the issue of Forced Labour in Northern Ireland.  Her research informs her teaching and encourages more active student engagement to enhance the learning experience.

She is also a member of the Social Policy Association (SPA) and was part of the organising committee for the SPA annual conference held in Belfast in June 2015 and June 2016.