Professor Bryan Scotney

Professor of Informatics

School of Computing

Belfast campus

Room BC-04-133,
2-24 York Street,
BT15 1AP,

Computer Science Research

Professor of Informatics

Professor Bryan Scotney


Bryan Scotney has over 30 years’ experience spanning a range of research interests in mathematical computation, especially in digital image processing and computer vision, pattern recognition and classification, statistical databases, reasoning under uncertainty, and applications to healthcare informatics, official statistics, biomedical and vision sciences, and telecommunications network management.

He has published widely in the areas of image processing and distributed data processing and analysis, focusing on solving the problems of integration of heterogeneous data sources.

Prof Scotney has collaborated widely with academic, government and commercial partners, and has extensive experience of working in interdisciplinary projects, most recently with an emphasis on healthcare technologies and applications for healthcare support.

Much of his work has been supported by funding from the European Union Framework Programmes and the UK Research Councils.

This includes four EU FP5 projects to address issues of harmonisation of Official Statistics.

More recently, he is an investigator on

  • EPSRC NETWORK in Next Generation Networks Systems and Services (EP/F030118/1)
  • EPSRC–DST funded India-UK Advanced Technology Centre (IU-ATC) of Excellence in Next Generation Networks Systems and Services (EP/G051674/1 and EP/J016748/1)
  • ESRC-funded project on Design for Ageing Well (RES-353-25-0004)
  • SAVASA project on a Standards-based Approach to Video Archive Search and Analysis, funded by the EU FP7 Security programme

Professor Scotney was the Principal Investigator on the recently completed EU FP7 project: Security System for Language and Image Analysis (SLANDAIL).

Currently he is an investigator on two EU H2020 projects:

  • DESIREE: Decision Support and Information Management System for Breast Cancer (Feb 2016 – Jan 2019)
  • ASGARD - Analysis System for Gathered Raw Data (Sep 2016 – Mar 2020), working on breast tissue characterisation from medical images, and biometrics from video data (face recognition), respectively.

Professor Scotney has substantial experience of research management both within Ulster University and externally.

He was Director of the University’s Computer Science Research Institute since its formation in 2005 until May 2015, with management responsibility for 50 academic staff, approximately 30 contract research staff, and over 90 PhD students. In this capacity he led the University’s periodic UK Research Assessment submissions for Computer Science and Informatics, RAE2008 and REF2014.

Externally, he was President of the Irish Pattern Recognition and Classification Society 2007-2014 (re-elected in 2010), and a member of the Governing Board of the International Association for Pattern Recognition (IAPR), 2007-2014. Currently he is Guest Professor at Keio University, Tokyo.