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Alan Hook

Associate Head of the School of Communication and Media

School of Communication and Media
Research Institute
Centre for Media Research
Coleraine campus
+44 28 7012 4267
Room I120
Cromore Road
Co. Londonderry
BT52 1SA

Alan Hook joined the Ulster University in 2009.

He has formally taught on the BSc in Computer Video Games, MA in Creative Technology and MSc in Creative Games at within the School of Media, Music and Performance at The University of Salford.

Alan has degrees in Fine Art (Sculpture) from the University of Leeds and a MA with distinction in Creative Technologies from The University of Salford. Although Alan's current practice focuses on emerging forms of play and media he has previously engaged in a number of physical computing projects such as The Theremin Suit: A Prototype for Augmented Proprioception (2009), and Futile Automata: Co-Ordinate Plotter (mk1) (2007).

Alan is Course Director of the Interactive Media Arts program and his teaching focuses on new modes of consumption, playful mediated experiences, spreadable media and social networks.

Research fields

Alan's research is primarily practice lead and focuses on new and emerging digital media, specifically Pervasive and Alternate Reality Gaming.

His research gravitates towards a praxis driven investigation into games and play, with an interest in Alternate Reality Games and Learning.

His main research interests revolve around Play as a form of media interaction and mode of audience engagement.

Current research

Alan Hook, Centre For Media Research Institute, talks about his research into how playing games can be used to help expose audiences to complex problems or ideas.

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