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The research developed on the WPs numbered 3 to 8 will identify the competencies developed in Europe as well as those that are underdeveloped.

From this research, recommendations will be suggested to improve education of therapy radiographers but also suggestions will be made in regards to curricula for CPD activities with the aim of tackling the gaps identified.

These curricula will be fed into this WP where webinars will be developed and made available as open access to all radiographers.

The webinars will, therefore, include the missing gaps in regards to:

  • Skills of the linear accelerator radiographer (UoM)
  • Skills identified by the patients (UU)
  • Circular economy (green-skills) (UoM)
  • Digital skills for the radiographer (IPOP)
  • Advanced practice (EFRS)

WP10 - Webinars - Results