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In Oncology, RT represents one of the largest areas of technological investment, where a rapid progression that requires new skills and competencies by the health professionals can be seen. The therapy radiographers face new requirements in terms of digital skills, for which they need continuous training throughout their career. These requirements in large scale come from the great quantity of software used by the radiographers in the planning of such tasks as the radiation delivery, treatment unit control and imagological assessment of patients' treatment which are constantly evolving.

The aim of this work package is to identify the possible gaps in the profile of a terapy radiographer with respect to those digital skills. The results from WP 3 are going to be fed into this project where the competencies developed at European institutions were already identified. In addition, to anticipate future needs in regards to the quick development of new technologies.

On the basis of evidence collection, it is the objective of this work package to make a proposal to address these skills gaps by developing a strategic approach aimed at preventing an occupational skill mismatch that will include a literature review, a multi-national survey and focus-group interviews to stakeholders.

The impact of this work package is evident through the amount of new knowledge that will be put forward in regards to such specific areas of the radiographers’ competencies. The findings of this research will be published in order to reach the academic community and the stakeholders. As with other WPs, the information will be disseminated to regulators and to all stakeholders. An online teaching session will be created addressing the digital skills gaps identified.

Lead organisation

Instituto Portugues de Oncologia Porto - IPOP

Participating organisations

  • Ulster University - UK
  • Towarzystwo Naukowe Technikow Medycznych Radioterapii - TNTMR (PL)
  • Society of Medical Radiographers (SRM)


Publication of required digital skills competencies for the TR. Based on the research completed on WPs related to digital skills, a report with the recommendations regarding the minimum requisites in terms of digital skills to be achieved during their undergraduate course and as CPD is going to be published as part of a research paper in a peer reviewed journal and in a report.

These are also going to be fed into WP 10 where a webinar series is going to be set up.

These publications will be made available publicly on the consortium’s website and it will be promoted on the consortium’s LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Increase in awareness of underdeveloped digital skills. The research produced during this WP will lead to the dissemination of the results through publications and presentations. Both outputs will allow to raise awareness of the existing gap in digital skills by TRs.


This awareness will be raised amongst TRs, education institutions representatives, clinical department representatives, radiotherapy products industry, amongst other stakeholders who will make pressure over educational institutions and regulators for these competencies to be developed.

Presentation of the results referring to the study on the required digital skills competencies for the TR .Curriculum of the webinar sessions on digital skills.


Isabel Bravo

Barbara Barbosa

Celeste Oliveira

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WP7 - Assessment of the digital skills required to practise the profession and to be included in therapy radiographers’ education