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Partner Number: P2

Role Appointed Organisation on Partner Affiliated Entity: P

Country: Malta

Education and Training Provider: Yes

Industry Representative: No

Other: Public University

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  • Edward Farrugia Wismayer

    Edward Farrugia Wismayer is a Radiotherapist registered with the council complementary to medicine-Malta in the Radiography register (European Union List) and working at the Oncology Centre in Malta- Sir Anthony Mamo since 2014.

    Mr. Farrugia Wismayer graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Radiography degree from the University of Malta and carried on to obtain a Master of Science degree in Management with the University of Liverpool.

    He also served as President of the Society of Medical Radiographers in Malta from November 2015 to February 2020 and is still an active member in the Society.

    In 2017 he was part of a competency assessment framework committee which was set up with the objective of setting specific competencies for the Radiography profession.

    He is also serving on the Allied Health Specialist Training Committee since 2019 whereby the committee is there to advise the Ministry of Health in Malta on such matters which relate to his appointment in the committee.

    Since 2019 he is the Manager for one of the partners (SRM) in the Erasmus+ EU project "Safe and Free Exchange of EU Radiography Professionals across Europe" with University of Ulster being the Co-Ordinator for the whole project.

    Edward intrinsically comprehends that the client is the sole most valuable asset of an organisation including one which is health focused. Therefore, he is driven by the inexorable pursuit of customer-driven focus, ideals and user experience, ensuring and pushing to provide the best service to the client.

  • Guilherme Couto

    Mr Couto is part of the UM team at the SAFE EUROPE project. He is mainly involved in the work packages 3 and 4, which focus on the competencies of therapeutic radiographers in the linear accelerator.

    Guilherme Couto is an assistant lecturer at the University of Malta and a PhD student at Ulster University. His PhD focuses on the education of therapeutic radiographers across the European Union, leading to the design of the SAFE EUROPE project.

    Mr Couto graduated in 2007 from the Escola Superior de Saude do Porto (BSc Radiotherapy) and started practising the profession until 2014, when he took an academic career with UM. After his first degree, Mr Couto studied Medical Physics at Master's level at the Faculdade de Ciencias da Universidade do Porto, graduating in 2010.