About our Law Research

We are ranked 1st in the UK for the real-world impact of our research in law (REF2014).

We are an international and multidisciplinary team of researchers addressing contemporary legal problems including how law deals with the transition from conflict or oppression (transitional justice), how to use the law to promote social justice and protect human rights, how new technologies are affecting the legal professions.

We also support research, including PhD research projects, across a wide range of legal areas.

We aim to

  • Support research that addresses real-world challenges facing marginalised and deprived communities
  • Develop socio-legal and multidisciplinary research methods
  • Provide a vibrant research environment  for our staff and PhD researchers

Our research falls into the following main themes

  • Transitional Justice
  • Law and Social Justice
  • Human Rights and International Law
  • Law and Innovation


We work with numerous local and international stakeholders including the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission, Committee on the Administration of Justice, Law Centre NI, Human Rights Consortium, Healing Through Remembering.

Our staff sit on bodies such as the UK Social Security Advisory Commission, the Scottish Commission on Social Security, the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs Committee on Human Rights, etc.

Our researchers work with UN and regional human rights institutions, while TJI is a partner institution of UN Women.