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Local and National

At local and national levels our research is helping us to:

  • Shape social security discourse in Northern Ireland and Scotland so as to better protect dignity and rights
  • Understand the difficulties litigants in person face when they represent themselves in legal proceedings rather than rely on a lawyer, and what support they need
  • Address the problems of domestic and intimate partner violence through research and outreach
  • Integrate gender principles into legacy discussions around dealing with the conflict in Northern Ireland
  • Capture LGBTQ visions of peace in post-Agreement Northern Ireland
  • Consider the role of masculinities in ending paramilitarism in Northern Ireland
  • Provide evidence-based research to inform debates on human rights protection in Northern Ireland and across these islands
  • Consider the legal, constitutional and human rights implications of Brexit for Northern Ireland.


Internationally our research is helping us to:

  • Assist Latin American countries to search for the remains of the disappeared
  • Assist with accountability efforts in relation to human rights violations in Haiti, Brazil and elsewhere
  • Address how international and national institutions can ensure accountability for UK armed forces in Iraq
  • Develop substantive definitions of reconciliation for post-conflict societies
  • Support UN work on gender and conflict

In this section

Litigants in person

LIPNI 2016-2023 has examined how litigants in person in Northern Ireland participate in civil and family cases as part of their right to a fair trial.

LIPNI 2016-2023