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In July 2013, Ulster University was awarded funding from the Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure (DCAL) on the advice of the Ministerial Advisory Group for an Ulster-Scots Academy (MAGUS) to create the Ulster-Scots Education project. The project main aims are to:

  • Develop and promote a range of Ulster-Scots teaching materials suitable for the post-primary sector to meet the needs of learners at Key Stages 3, 4 & 5
  • Develop and publish at least two Ulster-Scots works
  • Document items from Ulster-Scots printed / special collections, recording their physical condition, cataloguing status, noting items and collections that would merit digitisation;
  • Digitise key historic Ulster-Scots texts (both fiction and non-fiction)
  • Organise two Ulster-Scots conferences; and two creative writing competitions
  • Promote awareness of the production of the Ulster-Scots educational materials
  • Celebrate key Ulster-Scots writers
  • Showcase new creative writing in a range of media in Ulster-Scots.

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Conferences of the Ulster Scots Education Project

Digitised Texts

Digitised Texts for the Ulster-Scots Education Project


Outreach for Ulster Scots Education Project

Report on Treasures of the Archives

Report on the Treasure of Archives for the Ulster-Scots Education Project


Resources for the Ulster Scots Education Project

People within the Project

The people involved with the project.