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The story of the Ulster-Scot is manifested through history, culture and language.  This has been vividly portrayed not only through historical and religious record but through prose and poetry; both fiction and non-fiction. This material is wide-ranging, most of which can be found in the archives and libraries throughout Northern Ireland as detailed in the Archival Report.

The project has created a digital academic library of seminal historical and literary texts to allow engagement with these resources through this online portal.  Providing access to specialist materials which are currently preserved and protected in our local archives, this library intends to develop understanding, further engagement and to stimulate research into Ulster-Scots studies through this specialist digital resource.

Rationale on the Choice of Texts:

To include works from the historic province of Ulster. This range takes account of the variety of Ulster-Scottish settlement, ideas and traditions throughout the province.

To chart the patterns of Ulster-Scots writing from the seventeenth century to the present day and to trace continuities and discontinuities, traditions and innovations. We aim to show significant works of literary art alongside examples of representative writing in this field.

Choices for texts are based on their historical, literary, linguistic and cultural value.

We include typical and significant texts in Ulster-Scots writing from the genres of poetry, fiction and prose, political pamphlets, sermons, polemical writings, memoirs, historiography, philosophical and theological treatises and autobiographies.