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Dr Frank Ferguson

Frank has written and edited a number of significant texts on Ulster-Scottish literature. Awarded a Distinguished Research Fellowship in 2014, his work on Ulster-Scots writing and book history has been recognised as internationally excellent. As director of the Centre for Irish and Scottish literature he leads a number of ongoing academic and community projects, including the Ulster Poetry Project.

Role: Principal Investigator


Dr Kathryn White

Kathryn’s research interests are in the area of Modern Irish Writing in English and she specialises in the works of Samuel Beckett; she has published on Beckett, including a monograph, entitled Beckett and Decay; she has also published on John Hewitt and curated two exhibitions based on Hewitt’s life and work. She has an interest in Literature and Cultural Identity and Literature and Gender.

Role: Principal Investigator


Dr Marie-Claire Peters

Marie-Claire Peters is a graduate of Ulster University in Irish History and Politics having received the Honourable the Irish Society and Thompson memorial prizes for excellence in historical studies. She has a doctoral thesis in early modern Irish and British history entitled ‘Use and Misuse of the 1641 Depositions’ exploring the historical, historiographical and contemporary use of the depositions. Marie-Claire’s major research interests include myth, memory and identity in the early modern period and its impact upon current historical and political identity, the political conflict in Northern Ireland, conflict transformation and comparative politics.  She recently worked on the AHRC-funded Representations of Jews in Irish Literature project, a joint venture between Ulster University and NUI Galway, for which she curated a travelling exhibition documenting Irish writing about Jews and Irish-Jews writers from the medieval to modern period.

Role: Digital Humanities and Online Resources

Prof Linda Clarke

Leading educationalist Linda Clarke is a Professor of Education at Ulster University. Professor Clarke is currently Head of the School of Education which is based at the University’s Coleraine campus. Her research interests have focused on learning and include the use of virtual learning environments to enhance student teachers’ collaborative learning in communities of practice (the focus of her PhD), Geography Education, Global Citizenship and, most recently, the use of iPads to enhance learning in schools and in teacher education.

Role: Educational and School Resources


Dr Carol Baraniuk

Carol has researched and published widely on Ulster-Scots literature and its relationship to Scottish and Irish literary and cultural traditions. Her work includes the first literary monograph on an Ulster-Scots writer: James Orr, Poet and Irish Radical. She is currently involved in projects in the fields of Robert Burns Studies and eighteenth-century Scottish radicalism. She is also writing further Ulster-Scots education resources for CCEA.

Role: Educational and Schools Resources