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USEP Outreach and Engagement

  • April 2014: HEA Poetry Workshop – Belfast
  • April 2014: Attended Ulster and Scotland Conference – Europa Hotel, Belfast
  • April 2014: Lecture given to Academic exchange group from the University of Kansas. This was a historical and political overview of conflict in Ireland and the recent conflict in Northern Ireland which focused specifically upon aspects of identity and culture including the development of the Ulster Scots identity in the Early Modern period and the transitional development of poly-ethnic identities and cultures in the post conflict period.
  • July 2014: John Hewitt Home Words Exhibition Launch – PRONI
  • September 2014: Looking Homewards – Presentation made with USEP team outlining project progress and objectives. This offered an opportunity to engage directly with academics and researchers examining provision and support for minority languages.
  • May 2015: Looking Outwards: Ulster-Scots Literature, Language, Culture and Heritage.
  • June 2015: John Hewitt Home Words Exhibition Launch – Ulster Museum, Belfast
  • October 2015: Scots in the Ulster Plantation: Lecture given at Ulster University exploring the connections between Ulster and Scotland, the role of the Scottish King James VI and I, the Scots plantation (both informal and formal), the impact and influence of the Scots in religious, cultural, economic and political terms.
  • July 2014: Introductory Ulster Scots Talk and Tour at Monreagh Manse as part of Summer School – School of Languages and Literatures.
  • July 2014/15: Plantation and Politics lecture for Ulster University Irish Summer School exploring roots of conflict in Northern Ireland from historical perspectives with specific focus on connections between Ulster and Scotland, identities and narratives.
  • March 2016: Ulster-Scots Education Project launch, Ulster-Scots Discovery Centre, Belfast
  • May 2016: Tipping the Scales: Reversing decline in indigenous minority cultures in Europe, Institut du Monde Anglophone, University of Paris III: Sorbonne Nouvelle.
  • November 2016: The Next Step: Building Strategies for the Development of Minority Cultures and Languages in Europe, Ulster University, Belfast Campus.