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Raising an awareness of the influence of Scotland upon Northern Ireland:

  • enriches the understanding of our past
  • enlivens our sense of the present
  • extends our hope for the future

The Ulster Scots Education Project seeks in partnership with the Northern Ireland Curriculum to empower pupils to achieve their potential and to make informed and responsible choices and decisions throughout their lives as individuals, as contributors to society and as contributors to the economy and environment.

We have divided this resource into three parts which map to Key Stage 3, GSCE and A Level requirements. It includes a number of suggested activities based around nineteen units of work. These have been designed to develop, support and complement CCEA’s existing provision. They promote CCEA’s core mission to build, enhance and celebrate a shared future in the province, creating an environment where there can be effective knowledge exchange.  These materials are not merely designed to promote learning and teaching about Ulster Scots but appreciate how the culture and identity of Northern Ireland has been intrinsically shaped and transformed by Ulster-Scots history, literature, language and culture.

A knowledge of Ulster-Scots history, literature, language and culture will:

  • Develop an awareness of an exciting history
  • Enhance a sense of place and community
  • Situate Northern Ireland in a global story
  • Provide access to a major component of our identity
  • Celebrate what makes us unique in this part of the world
  • Gain insight into our communal identity
  • Enhance empathy towards difference and accommodation
  • Promote an active learning development
  • Build key skills and capabilities
  • Foster cross-curricular skills
  • Enable pupils to expand their Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities



UNIT 1 Key Stage 3 The Fairy Thorn Narrative Poetry

UNIT 2 Key Stage 3 The Wanderer Poetry about Conflict and Danger

UNIT 3 Key Stage Married for Money Poetry and Voice

UNIT 4 Key Stage Rathlin Poetry and Place

UNIT 5 Key Stage Can you do Haiku A Creative Writing Resources

UNITS 8-12 Key Stage 4 Preparing for the Unseen Poem Five Linked Units

UNIT 13 Key Stage 4 Senses, Similes and Ulster-Scots An introduction to Poetry Appreciation


UNIT 7 Key Stage 3 The Montgomery Plantation in County Down

UNIT 14 A-Level History Ireland 1775-1800 The United Irish Men in Belfast

UNIT 15 A-Level History Daniel O’Connell’s Visit to Belfast

UNIT 16 A-Level History Ulster-Scots writers and Cultural Nationalism

UNIT 17 A-Level History Unionism and Nationalism 1800-1900 Opposing the Second Home Rule Bill

UNIT 18 A-Level History Partition of Ireland Ulster’s Solemn League and Covenant 1912

UNIT 19 A-Level History Partition of Ireland The 1923-25 Education Act

Coleraine College Poetry Anthology

Our first writing competition was won by students from Coleraine College. We’ve published their winning entries with other work done by the school in the following anthology.