Artificial Intelligence Research Themes

The Artificial Intelligence Research Centre operates across a number of research themes.

  • The vision of the Artificial Intelligence Research Centre is to develop AI technologies that underpin an intelligent society, empower people and support a sustainable future. To achieve this, the Centre has been undertaking rigorous research in the following three main research themes.
  • Learning, Modelling and Optimisation

    Fundamental research in machine learning, mathematical modelling, (e.g., opinion dynamics, ecological networks, pandemic modelling), mathematical optimisation (Bayesian optimisation, multi-objective optimisation).

  • Knowledge, Reasoning and Decision-making

    Fundamental research in knowledge representation, reasoning, logic (including theorem proving, formal verification) and decision making.

  • Informatics and Systems

    Research driven by specific real-world challenges in bio/geo-informatics, multimedia, swarm systems, digital interventions, food authentication, virus detection, text/video/image analytics.