Artificial Intelligence Research Centre

Focusing on Knowledge and Data Engineering including machine learning, knowledge representation and reasoning, informatics and systems, and foundations of artificial intelligence.

The main research themes in Artificial Intelligence Research Centre (AIRC) are:

  • AI foundations
  • machine learning
  • knowledge engineering
  • informatics and systems

Specific topics include:

  • mathematical modelling and optimisation
  • knowledge representation
  • probabilistic and uncertainty reasoning
  • logics
  • decision making
  • bioinformatics
  • geo-informatics
  • information retrieval
  • autonomic computing
  • digital intervention
  • spectroscopy
  • text/image/video analytics.

Applications include work on:

  • decision support systems
  • data and knowledge modelling
  • protein–protein interaction prediction
  • swarm systems modelling
  • ecological system modelling
  • chatbots
  • food authentication and virus detection
  • text/video/image analytics (e.g. text matching, text summarisation, sentiment analysis, information retrieval, video search, face recognition, medical image analysis, object detection, anomaly detection, change detection, intrusion detection, biomarker detection and biometrics)
  • AI for education.

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AIRC's vision is to develop AI technologies that underpin an intelligent society, empower people and support a sustainable future.

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