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Completing a PhD takes much time, determination and commitment, below is a list of previous PhD students along with their project titles.

Asier Aztiria

Learning Using Preferences in Intelligent Environments (jointly with University of Mondragn, Spain)

Qingyuan Bai

Query reformulation in mediator-based data integration

Pierre Bourque

Contributions to the Maturation of Software Engineering as a Discipline and a Recognised Profession

Fiona Browne

Integrative Data Analysis Models and Tools for the Prediction of Protein-Protein Interaction Networks

Mykola Galushka

Discovering and managing similarity knowledge in temporary case-based reasoning systems

Gongde Guo

A study on the nearest neighbour method and its applications

Neil Lester

Assisting the Software Reuse Process Through Classification and retrieval of Software Models

Zhining Liao

Query processing in data integration over the internet

Zhiwei Lin

Tree Similarity Measurement and its Applications

Chang Liu

Syntactic Information Retrieval

Rahila Yazdani

Generic Tools and Techniques to Simulate and Evaluate Port Logistics Processes

Melanie Ware

The Use of Product Measures in Planning Monitoring and Controlling Software Maintenance Releases

P. Flood

Paddy Hannigan