Our vision is to develop a bio-inspired computational basis for Artificial Intelligence to power future cognitive technologies.


Our mission is to understand how the brain works at multiple levels, from cells to cognition and apply that understanding to create models and technologies that solve complex issues that face people and society. To accomplish our mission we use a variety of research strategies and applications including big data and machine learning, brain imaging and neural interfacing, human-computer interaction and robotics.

Research Themes

Our cross-disciplinary research focuses on six interrelated research themes:

Computational Neuroscience and Neuromorphic Engineering

Modelling cellular and network level brain function to understand intelligence and pathology and creating biologically inspired algorithms and hardware.

Cognitive Neuroscience and Neurotechnology

Developing intelligent signal/image processing to probe and understand brain dynamics, structure and function and producing technologies that maintain, enhance, augment and restore physical and cognitive function.

Cognitive Robotics

Creating robotic ecologies that have human-like sensing capability for seamless interaction through complex object recognition, vision and tactile sensing, task allocation, manipulation and more.

Intelligent Data Analytics

Achieving fundamental advances in AI and scalable computing to solve the most challenging data analytics problems faced by people, industry, society and government.

Spatial Computing and Future Human-Computer Interaction

Studying people’s interaction with text, voice, gesture, Augmented/Virtual reality (AR/VR) and developing new contexts for computing through wearables and technology everywhere.

Cyber Security and Web technologies

Developing secure and connected technologies that operate intelligently to deliver context aware knowledge and actions in real-time.

The Intelligent Systems Research Centre provides a state-of-the-art research environment including the Northern Ireland Functional Brain Mapping Facility, the Spatial Computing and Neurotechnology Innovation Hub and leads, along with partners at Queen’s university, the  Northern Ireland High Performance Computing Facility.

This complemented by an advanced cognitive robotic laboratory, brain-computer interfacing research labs. There are 90+ researchers located working across a range of multidisciplinary topics and on industry led data analytics challenges all which require advanced AI based solutions. Data science, neural data science and AI transcend all our research themes.

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