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The Advanced Research and Engineering Centre (ARC) is a five-year project with £40 million funded by Invest​ Northern Ireland and represents a major partnership between PwC, Queen’s University, and Ulster University.​

ARC is part of PwC’s fastest growing division, Operate, which is based in Belfast.​

We aim to collaborate with Researchers in Queens’ School of Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and ​ Engineers within PwC ARC to deliver innovative business solutions which embrace the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), ​ Natural Language Processing (NLP), Generative AI, Synthetic Data, Machine Learning plus much more.​

“This has been an exciting and unique opportunity for Ulster University to enter into a research partnership with PWC and QUB. Three of the Schools from the Faculty of Computing, Engineering, and Built Environment will work together and leverage their expertise within AI to deliver research focused solutions to complex business needs. In addition, the move to our new campus in Belfast city centre will allow us to open a new dedicated collaborative research space for the ARC research team”. ​

- Chris Nugent, Head of School of Computing​

“Our goal is to turn amazing ideas into technology that’ll solve complex business problems into the next decade and ​ Beyond. We’re creating a team of engineers and technologists who’ll work within a bigger innovation ecosystem, including government, academia, and business, to help our clients take giant leaps, rather than incremental steps.​

It’s a huge statement of confidence from PwC UK’s Executive Board in both the Operate business and our local talent. The strength of out people has already enabled us to turn Operate into PwC’s fastest-growing division and I’m very proud that this gives us the opportunity to create hundred more highly skilled jobs in Northern Ireland”.​​

- Ian McConnell, Partner Lead for PwC Operate ​

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