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25 leaders have landed in Boston, USA for a week-long residential at the renowned Babson College

Participants from Ulster University’s pioneering 25@25 Leaders Programme have landed in Boston, USA for a week-long residential at the renowned Babson College, the programme’s only portion that takes place in the United States. The purpose of the residential is to develop the participants’ entrepreneurial skills, learning how to apply them effectively in any organisational setting.

The week long, immersive trip marks a significant milestone in the longstanding partnership between Ulster University and Babson College. The 25@25 Leaders Programme, rooted in Babson's renowned Entrepreneurial Thought & Action® methodology, is designed to empower participants to drive positive change and innovation in various sectors, which are crucial to the future of Northern Ireland.

Professor Cathy Gormley-Heenan, University Provost, Ulster University said:

"This visit to Babson College is a unique opportunity for our 25@25 participants to immerse themselves in a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation. We are excited to see how this experience will further equip them to become impactful leaders and change makers in Northern Ireland."

Ulster University and Babson College have a longstanding relationship dating back to 2006, with numerous collaborative initiatives and programmes aimed at advancing entrepreneurship education and fostering entrepreneurial leadership and innovation. Babson College President Stephen Spinelli Jr. has played a pivotal role in the development of this partnership and continues to champion entrepreneurial education globally. He said:

“Ulster University is committed to being the leading institution for entrepreneurship education in Northern Ireland and the UK, and Babson has long been a supporter of and advocate for their embrace and approach to entrepreneurship. I am glad that our two communities have a shared history of advancing entrepreneurship education, and I look forward to many continued years of collaboration.”

During their time at Babson College, participants will engage in a series of dynamic workshops and sessions led by key speakers and experts in the field of entrepreneurship. These include:

  • Andrew Corbett, one of the top entrepreneurship researchers in the world
  • Prof Lily Crosina on exploring your entrepreneurial identity
  • Cheryl Kiser, a global leader in CSR and social innovation
  • Heidi Neck, an award-winning Professor of Entrepreneurship and Academic Director of Babson Academy
  • Phil Kim, an internationally recognised expert on entrepreneurship
  • Craig Bida on leadership for creating values-led partnerships
  • Zach Zacharakis on financial modelling: building believable proformas
  • Wendy Murphy, Associate Dean and a Professor of Management at Babson College
  • Keith Rollag, Professor of Management at Babson College
  • Rich Palmer, entrepreneur who co-founded Gravyty, the leading AI company for social good and is now Managing Director of Launchpad Venture Group and an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Babson College

They will explore concepts such as creating economic, social, and environmental value, developing a growth-oriented leadership style, and fostering collaborative work environments where innovation thrives.

25@25 participant Nuala McAdams, Manager in EY Northern Ireland’s Government & Infrastructure Advisory team, from Derry said:

“We are all so excited, we’ve had an amazing day 1 on this incredible campus with its inspiring entrepreneurship course team. Many of us in the 25@25 cohort were inspired by Sam Barry’s (Glamour’s Americas Editorial Director)idea of identifying your north star – the why of what drives us each and every day. Today set the scene for more workshopping and challenging discussions this week to call us to action on our north stars. We're all really inspired for the programme ahead. This week at Babson College is a brilliant opportunity to reflect on what we’ve done so far, where we want to be and what our passions are – this week and this course will give us to tools to go on make a difference in each of our sectors.”

As the participants embark on this exciting journey, they carry with them the legacy of collaboration and innovation that defines the partnership between Ulster University and Babson College. Their experiences at Babson will undoubtedly inspire them to lead with purpose and drive positive change in their communities and beyond.

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