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The European Conference on Cognitive Ergonomics (ECCE-2019) is set to take place in Ulster University’s Belfast campus this month marking the 31st annual conference of the European Association of Cognitive Ergonomics (EACE).

This leading conference offers an opportunity for researchers and practitioners from across Europe and beyond to exchange new ideas and practical experiences in human-computer interaction, human factors design and cognitive engineering of digital technologies.

The conference, supported by the Association for Computing Machinery, has been running for over 30 years and tackles fundamental aspects in how people’s interaction with digital technologies can be made better

The special theme of the 2019 ECCE conference is ‘Designing for Cognition’ which explores how interaction with digital technologies, apps, wearables, ‘Internet of Things’ can be cognitively and emotionally demanding in our everyday lives. The theme also involves the development of new ways to understand cognition to research and evaluate our interactions with technology across work, home and community.

Professor Maurice Mulvenna, Chair of the Conference and Professor of Computer Science, Ulster University said;

“We are very pleased to welcome the ECCE conference to Belfast for 2019. This is a key event for European researchers of human factors and human computing interaction as well as for designers of apps, smart speaker software and social media tools. The research presented and discussed at ECCE is critically important across broad area of the economy and society, blending computing, design and psychology to create technologies that are easy to use.”

“Ulster University’s research on cognitive ergonomics covers an eclectic mix of topics, ranging from the design of conversational strategies for smart speaker interfaces to support the mental health of people in the community, to the use of real-time data analytics to help prompt in-store conversations between staff and customers.”

The conference features keynote lectures from world leading experts from University College Cork, University College London and the Computational Foundry, Swansea University. Attendees will also have the opportunity to participate in a workshop on Rethinking Cognitive Ergonomics.

Professor Gerrit van der Veer from the European Association of Cognitive Ergonomics said;

"The European Association of Cognitive Ergonomics is pleased that Ulster University is hosting our 31st conference in Belfast. The Ulster conference Chairs have done an exceptional job of promoting cognitive ergonomics and human factors in computing to a wide audience of established researchers as well as to new PhD research students. EACE believes that the conference this year will be a great opportunity for the UK and European research community in this area to network, present their research and enjoy what Northern Ireland has to offer.”

The 31st European Conference on Cognitive Ergonomics (ECCE-2019) runs from 10-13 September 2019, at Ulster University’s Belfast campus.

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