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Arbarr Electronics, a Limavady-based company specialising in the design and manufacture of energy storage systems, is launching a revolutionary new product range into key global markets with support from Ulster University.

The company is collaborating with Ulster University through a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) to establish Arbarr as a recognised brand within the global energy storage market.

The KTP focuses on the development of an innovative business model that analyses global market opportunities for the company's groundbreaking energy harvesting technology. This new model underpins the development of the company's newest product range, Power Silo, which is being targeted at a number of international markets including Western Europe, North America and the Middle East.

The Power Silo product range offers intelligent modular energy storage systems that harvest electricity from mains, vehicles or renewable energy sources for use in areas where electricity is unavailable, unreliable or cost prohibitive.

The systems are both noise and fume-free and can be used to maintain a secure energy supply during power outages, disaster relief operations or to simply help increase the efficiency of renewable energy usage. It also has commercial, domestic, medical and military applications.

Arbarr's Technical Director, John-Paul McCorley, said: "The KTP programme has allowed Arbarr to strengthen its emphasis on marketing and business development and has led to the establishment of a number of strategic partnerships, an enhanced digital marketing presence, and a raised profile both locally and internationally through attendance and presentation at industry events and tradeshows."

"The Power Silo concept truly is a first of its kind and Ulster University has provided invaluable support in helping Arbarr re-establish itself as a product-oriented and commercially-minded enterprise. This has helped the company to leverage greater value from its 25 years of operating in the electronics design and manufacturing sector."

Amanda Fullerton, Business Development Manager at Ulster University said: "Through the KTP programme, Ulster University has helped Arbarr to enhance business opportunities in both domestic and export markets by developing a customer focused business research and development model.

"An example of this new strategic direction can be seen in the delivery of a first of its kind energy storage system for the Centre of Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technologies (CREST) in Enniskillen. An Arbarr led local consortium, including Harvey Group and Solmatix, designed, manufactured and installed a first of its kind Power Silo allowing the Centre to produce and store its own electricity."

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