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For those researching in a higher education context, research isn’t just ‘undertaken’ - it’s ‘lived’.

The lived experience of research creates a learning opportunity that goes beyond creating knowledge to be disseminated and actually creates conditions that are transformative for the researcher. The research process itself, independent of any research findings, can (and should) be transformative.

Many research staff and PhD researchers aspire to become life-long academics, and progressing from researching to managing both research and teaching duties can be a new challenge. Whilst it is a long historic tradition for academics to undertake teaching and research, it is vital to integrate these activities and develop a 'research-teaching nexus'.

How might we consider our engagement with the ‘research-teaching nexus’ as a form of scholarship and how might we understand and codify our research-teaching experiences in a way that demonstrates our reflexivity and evidences our development? Why is this useful?

Virtual Researcher Seminar Series

This seminar is part of the Virtual Researcher Seminar Series.

These short, lunch-time online seminars are designed to offer an opportunity to learn from some of Ulster University's top researchers and leaders as they take you through the process of bringing your research idea to life.

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Friday 29 January

1.30pm to 2.30pm

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