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Chaplaincy is about people - people like you. And some, not so like... We are a unique place within the University.  We don't set you deadlines, we don't demand chunks of your schedule.  In fact, you decide what this place will mean to you, by deciding how you want to get involved.

Chaplaincy can be

  1. a meeting place where you can make new friends in an easy-going, no-stress atmosphere; where you can get the real university experience of meeting with a whole range of different people, learning about their home and life, what they think and why, so you know better what you think and why...
  2. a building site where you can get involved in local and overseas work that makes a difference in our world, like our building days with Habitat for Humanity, or other opportunities to work for peace and justice worldwide
  3. a think tank where you can explore big questions about faith and life in one of our seminars or weekends away
  4. a relaxation room where you can take time out from some of the pressures around, pick up a guitar, magazine or a book ... or stumble into a passionate debate about anything from the meaning of life to the ethics of war
  5. a listening ear where you can talk with any of the chaplains in confidence about anything that concerns you
  6. a worship space where you can join others in one of our services

Prayer and meditation

Visit our prayer and meditation room or experiment with new ways to discover God at work in your life.

Belfast and Jordanstown

5F01  / 1D05 Prayer Room


L101 Chaplaincy / L102 Prayer Room


MC108 Chaplaincy