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We are proud to have been awarded with an Autism Award from Austim NI in recognition of our work supporting students with autistic spectrum disorder (ASD)

AccessAbility Advisors within Student Wellbeing provide a range of services and resources to help all Ulster University students with disabilities.

The team assesses each student in order to determine what support we need to provide, this can include exam adjustments or assistance with note taking. Ongoing advice is also provided to our staff on reasonable adjustments for students, this ensures that students with a disability are able to get the same university experience as their peers.

Our aim is to offer students with ASD early access to key services and to provide tours so that students can become familiar and comfortable with their new environment, we want to address their fear of the unknown and provide them with one-to-one knowledge of what they can expect at university.

Our feedback suggests that the additional support has made a real impact and has increased confidence, this empowers our students to enjoy the full higher education experience.