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The Register of Support Providers will cross-reference the needs of the student with the skills, experience and availability of the freelance self-employed support providers on the register.

When a suitable match is identified, staff will:

  • Contact the support provider to offer the available assignment.
  • Email details of the student's requirements such as their course, the nature of their disability, the annual allocation of support hours and where possible the student's timetable (for note taking or campus support) to the support provider.
  • Seek confirmation of acceptance of the assignment from the support provider, within 24 hours notice of the assignment being offered.
  • Issue a 'Matching email' to the support provider and student to confirm the hours and type of support allocated.

It is essential that support providers consider the commitment to each assignment carefully before accepting the role. If a support provider is not able to support the student or does not make contact within the 24 hours timeframe, an alternative support provider will be contacted.

After you are matched, you will have an introductory meeting.