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Support providers will receive a payment for each approved support session delivered to an allocated student. (UU hourly pay rates below).

If the total allocated hours are exceeded, the student's funding body is under no obligation to pay the support provider.

Therefore, the support provider must:

  • Keep a detailed record of all support delivered.
  • Enter claims for support accurately to reflect the support session delivered.
  • Not exceed the total number of hours of support detailed on the 'Matching email".
  • Enter all support records onto the CRM ADX Portal (ADX Guidance) within 10 days of delivering the support.
  • Administer missed sessions in line with Register guidelines.
  • Contact the Register of Support Providers if the student cannot approve the support record.
  • Be aware that all our support providers are self-employed and are therefore responsible for any tax or national insurance payable via HMRC. The University will send each support provider a remittance slip with each monthly payment made to assist with this process.
Rates for support providers
Academic Mental Health Mentor £27
ASD Mentor £27
AT Trainer £27
Campus Assistant (General) £21.50
Campus Assistant (Specialist) £13
Campus Assistant (Note Taking - typing up time included in hourly rate) £18
Dyslexia Coach £24
Interpreter (BSL & ISL) £32.50
Library Assistant £12
Maths Coach £27
Note Taker (typing up time included in hourly rate) £22.50
Prompter £12
Proof-reader £12
Reader £12
Scribe £18
Study Skills Coach £21.50
Typist £13