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If you are interested in becoming a typist or audio typist, please see the information below for more information.

At a glance


Typist/audio typist


Ulster University: Student Wellbeing


£13/21.50 per hour

Purpose of role

To word-process hand-written copies of assignments/ transcribe audio recordings of lectures, classes or assignments for students with disabilities.

  • Main Duties

    Main duties

    1. To produce accurate, neat and well-presented word-processed copies of handwritten or dictated assignments.This may mean:
      • Producing accurate word-processed copies of audio recordings
      • Having access to the necessary equipment to produce the copies (i.e. computer, printer, internet access) and use appropriate software packages such as MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
      • Being efficient and pay attention to detail
      • Providing the student with a copy in the required format and within an agreed time-frame
    2. Provide within agreed time-frames, progress reports and associated documentation in consultation with the student and the Register of Support Providers.
    3. Ensure that electronic time-sheets are completed on a regular basis and by key dates as advised by the Register of Support Providers.
    4. Maintain confidential records, including an electronic record of all contact with students and take into consideration the safeguarding of these, whilst adhering to the requirements of Data Protection legislation in Northern Ireland.
    5. Comply with the University’s equal opportunities policy and promote equal opportunity in all aspects of the role.
    6. Comply with the University’s health and safety policies whilst on campus.
    7. Maintain up to date knowledge of relevant legislative developments and best practice within the post-16 education sector in relation to support for disabled students.
    8. Maintain professional competence, status and memberships of professional bodies, if applicable
  • Education and Experience

    Education and Experience


    • A minimum of GCSE, Grade C English
    • RSA Stage III Word Processing (typist) or equivalent RSA Stage III Audio Typing (audio-typist) or equivalent
    • Application and qualification documentation


    • Educated to A-Level or above
    • Application and qualification documentation

    Previous experience/ training


    • Extensive experience of word-processing hand-written documents to an agreed format.
    • Experience of audio typing (audio-typist)
    • Application and Interview


    • Experience of working with students with disabilities.
    • Application and Interview

    Job-related achievements


    • A minimum of 60 words per minute typing speed
    • Application and Interview


    • Knowledge of technical language associated with academic subjects
    • Experience of word processing in an academic discipline
    • Application and Interview

    Inter-personal skills


    • Excellent written communication skills and ability to communicate with students on a one to one basis.
    • An understanding of the responsibilities associated with maintaining confidentiality and an awareness of the requirements under data protection legislation
    • Application and Interview

    Other factors


    • All successful candidates will be expected to complete an Access NI (Enhanced disclosure) check
    • Application and Interview


    • Flexibility over working hours
    • Application and Interview