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The support provider is responsible for contacting you to arrange an introductory meeting. This informal meeting will be the first opportunity to meet and begin to get to know each other. The Register of Support Providers recommends that introductory meetings should cover topics such as:

  • How your disability impacts you and what type of difficulties you have.
  • How the support provider can help you address these difficulties.
  • Your chosen course and what it involves.
  • What support you require for coursework, tests and exams.
  • Your timetable of classes.
  • Arranging when and where to meet for your support sessions.
  • Setting a date and time for the next support session.

It is compulsory for all of our support providers to complete a Statement of Agreement form with you every academic year. What is a Statement of Agreement?

It is compulsory for all our support providers who fulfil coaching and mentoring roles to complete a Learning Plan with you every semester.  This is to ensure that the planned support is tailored specifically to your needs. What is a learning plan?

Check out the next step which is authorising payment for support sessions.