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What is a missed session?

A missed session is when a scheduled support session is not attended or cancelled with less than 24 hours' notice of the planned date and time and this will be logged as a missed session on the student's support entitlement.

It is the student's duty to provide, where possible, at least 24 hours' notice if your support session will not take place as planned. This means you have to let your support provider know about:

  • Any room changes
  • Lecture cancellations
  • Any other taught class changes which means you need to change your agreed place and time of support

A support provider is entitled to claim for the first hour of support if they have not received the required 24 hours' notice from the student.

The support arranged for our students is based on professional recommendations, so it is important that students attend their support sessions to help with their academic progression. If a student has four or more missed sessions in one semester, they will be expected to attend a support review. During this meeting, the missed sessions will be reviewed and a decision will be made whether to cease or continue with the arranged support provisions.

What is a learning plan?

A learning plan needs to be completed for all one-to-one coaching and mentoring roles.

A learning plan must be completed at the start of semester 1 and again at the start of semester 2 for each student in each academic year.

This document should be completed during the introductory meeting to establish, as far as possible, the student's learning needs and challenges for the forthcoming semester.

Each learning plan is unique to the individual student and should demonstrate progression to develop independent study, coping and learning skills.

Learning Plan

Learning Plan notes

What is a statement of agreement?

A statement of agreement is a document to support the exchange of contact details, agreed time and location of support sessions.

The support role will be outlined on this form to ensure that both student and support provider are clear on what to expect from the support relationship and the key tasks to be covered within the given role.

The agreement also allows both parties to decide how long they will wait for the other person, should they not be there at the agreed time at the agreed location.

Statement of Agreement 2023-24 Academic Year

Monthly payment schedule

Only time sheets submitted via the online portal and approved by the student prior to and including 15th of each month will be considered for payment.

Time sheets will be checked for accuracy and compliance to Disabled Students' Allowance (DSA) funding conditions.

All checked and approved time sheets will be paid via BACS on the last Thursday of each month. The payment is made directly to the bank account provided by the support provider at point of induction.

Be aware that all support providers are self-employed and are therefore responsible for any tax or national insurance payable via HMRC. The University will send each support provider a remittance slip with each monthly payment made to assist with this process.

If any bank details need to be changed or updated, please forward these to the Register of Support Providers.

Student ADX Portal Guide Notes

Support Provider ADX Portal Guide Notes

Guidance for applying for an Access NI check

If you require an Access NI check, the following guide will explain the process through the e-application form.

Access NI Guide