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What happens after the Needs Assessment?

We work to tight timescales to get your report to your funding body within 20 working days of notification. This is what happens after your assessment:

  1. The Needs Assessor will write a Needs Assessment report within 5 working days of your Needs Assessment meeting, outlining all of the recommendations and how their recommendations will support you.
  2. They will email the report to our Needs Assessment Centre, so that we can review and quality assure it.
  3. After quality assurance, we will email the report to you and you will have 2 working days to read the report, ask any questions about its content and notify us of any inaccuracies.
  4. We will send a copy of the Needs Assessment Report to your funding body for approval.
  5. The funding body will review the report and consider the recommendations made by the Needs Assessor.
  6. The funding body will send details in writing of your approved funded support and equipment (known as a DSA2 letter).
  7. If a support provider was recommended, you may be contacted by the Register of Support Providers.
  8. If equipment was approved, you will receive details of your supplier and instructions on how to order the equipment. It is your responsibility to contact the supplier to arrange for delivery of your equipment.
  9. If you were recommended specialist training in your assistive technology software or equipment, the trainer will contact you to arrange this.

If you're unsure about any part of the Needs Assessment process or have any questions, please contact us via email at