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What happens during the Needs Assessment?

During the Needs Assessment Appointment the Needs Assessor will ask you for:

  1. Written confirmation of your eligibility for Disabled Students' Allowance (DSA) known as a DSA1 letter (UK students only)
  2. A copy of your supporting documentation and medical evidence

If you are from the Republic of Ireland or you are an international student, you will not be eligible for DSA, but alternative sources of disability funding may be available. You will need to disclose your disability to our AccessAbility team and an adviser will refer you for a Needs Assessment appointment when you provide them with sufficient medical evidence.

When we allocate a Needs Assessor to you, you will receive an email confirming that a Needs Assessor will contact you within 5 days to arrange a Needs Assessment appointment. This email will contain the name and contact details for the Needs Assessor.

For current Ulster University students, this email will go to your Ulster email account. For prospective students or students who are applying to or attending other institutions, the email will go to the personal email address that you provide for us.

A Needs Assessor will contact you, usually by telephone, to arrange a suitable appointment for your Needs Assessment.

Find out what happens during the Needs Assessment Appointment.