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The most important thing you can do to help a current or prospective student get the disability support they need at university is to encourage them to disclose their condition to us.

If they did not disclose through their application to study at university, then they can disclose directly to us in person, or via email or telephone.

Disclosure can happen at any time throughout a student's time at university, but we recommend that it happens as early as possible so there is time for the support to be implemented effectively.

Consent to contact

When they leave school, most students are considered to be in charge of their own support and consent to share information is limited, unless the student gives explicit consent that they wish for us to share information with you on their behalf.

For some students who have a social or communication disorder, where communication is challenging, we will ask that they complete a consent to contact form so that we have their approval to share information on record. This can be discussed with their accessibility adviser at any time.

If you are concerned or worried

We appreciate that you may have worries and concerns about the level of disability support that a student receives and we are happy to meet with you, but it must be with agreement of the student.

Student Support work with Inspire to deliver counselling services to Ulster students. They can be contacted through a 24/7 freephone helpline 0800 028 5510 or via email at

There are a number of other helplines and resources available on our website to support students and their families with personal and disability related issues.