AccessAbility Service

The AccessAbility team provide support for students with a disability.

The AccessAbility team provide support and guidance for all current and prospective students with a diagnosed disability or long term medical condition who choose to study at Ulster University.

Students with disabilities are entitled to support and disclosing your disability to us means we can provide support that will enable you and help you achieve your academic goals. Our services are confidential and free.

You can access support from our team in three steps:

  1. Disclose your disability to us
  2. Provide medical evidence of your disability
  3. Meet with an accessability adviser from our team

In this section

What support is available?

Learn more about the support that is available to students with a disability.

Disability Information for New Students

Find out how we can help you with your disability as a prospective student.

What is assistive technology?

Assistive technology can greatly improve your work, why not see if you are eligible for it.

Information for parents/carers

Parent/carers can have a huge impact on students, find out how you can help.

How to apply for DSA

Find out more information about applying for Disability Student Allowance.

Medical evidence

In order to help you we need evidence of your disability, read more about the information we need.

Evacuation Guidance and PEEPs

Information regarding Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP) on campus to assist with safe egress for students that require assistance.