Find out more about our counselling service and who to call when you are in need.

University can be lots of fun but it can also be quite stressful, especially if you are struggling with academic or personal issues.

Student Wellbeing provides a range of services to support students in need, including counselling support.

Student Wellbeing Team

Our Student Wellbeing team are on each campus 8.45am-5pm (Mon-Thu) and 8.45am-4pm (Fri).

During Uni Hours

028 9536

After Hours

0800 028 55100808 808 8000


We work in collaboration with Inspire (formerly Carecall) to provide a 24/7 confidential counselling service that is free to all Ulster University students.

The counsellors are fully trained and experienced in working with students with a wide range of problems.

Counselling sessions can be held on or off campus and the 24/7 freephone helpline means that our students can access support whenever they need it.

If you are not sure counselling is right for you, or you would like some support before making the call, come to the Student Wellbeing centre on your campus to meet with our triage assistants.

They offer scheduled and drop-in appointments daily and can help signpost you to the best source of support for you.

Making an appointment for counselling

To make an appointment, all Ulster University students can contact Inspire directly:

Counselling appointments last approximately 50 minutes.