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The Belfast Chaplaincy team work together to promote a welcoming, inclusive community offering pastoral and spiritual support and care to all students and staff regardless of your faith.

We are appointed by our denominations and the university to be available on campus to support the whole university community and are interested in all aspects of your university life.

The Chaplaincy Lounge BA-02-003 is a safe social space on campus for students and staff to meet, chat and unwind with some comfy seats and complimentary tea/coffee.    Seminars and small group activities are also  held here.

Our renowned weekly Chaplaincy Free Lunch will return this year Tuesday 3rd October 2023 at 12.30 - 1.45pm in St Anne’s Cathedral Hall, (access via the door along Talbot Street).

Other events, programme activities and social action initiatives will be advertised in due course.

In the meantime, look out for The Chaplaincy Hot Chocolate stall at the  Freshers' Fair, take note of any emails we send out and drop us an email if you would like to introduce yourself at the start of year.

You may have some questions or be finding the start of a new year in a new city challenging and would like a bit of company as you settle in.

We are always available to listen and to help and will try to connect you with other useful people and services too.

Where to find us

Chaplaincy Coffee Lounge / Prayer space Birley Building (BA-02-003)

On a busy campus, Chaplaincy is somewhere you can find quiet and calm... Somewhere you can come to relax, chat, study, read, play guitar, meet up with your mentor or small group, get a free cup of tea/coffee. It’s a great place for both local and international students & staff to mix and a useful base for home students.

We are open daily - Drop in and make yourself at home. If the room is being used for a Chaplaincy event / act of worship, a notice will be displayed.

Chaplains’ Office (BA-02-006)

Across the corridor from the lounge

Islamic Prayer room (Block BC-02 )

Open every day for quiet reflection and prayer. (Washing facilities nearby)

Contact a Chaplain

Full Time
Mrs Gail Mercer  (Methodist & Church of Ireland)
Fr Gerry Clarke (SJ)  (Catholic)
Rev Cheryl Meban  (Presbyterian)
Part Time
Mr Robert Armstrong  (Plymouth Brethren)