Robert Millar, UUSU Vice President for Belfast, and Rebecca Allen, UUSU Vice President for Jordanstown, led panellists in a fruitful discussion about the past year’s meetings.

Students provided useful feedback on what went well, what could be improved, and how best to incorporate these suggestions into next year’s Student Panel programme.

New Way for Students to Retrieve their Timetables

Michael Chapman, Project Manager for Change - Strategic Programme Office, presented a demo of Publish, a new timetabling system that will be made available to students on the Belfast campus in autumn semester 2022.

Publish is a bespoke software programme offering students personalised digital timetables which can be easily accessed via desktop and mobile devices. This will be a game-changer to benefit every student’s experience as the new Belfast campus opens.

Michael gave an overview of the benefits of students being kept up to date with any changes to their lessons through the timetable and also email notifications.

Student panellists welcomed the new design and features offered. Panellists were able to feedback useful suggestions on how to make the new software more user-friendly, particularly for students with disabilities.

Michael confirmed that exam schedules could be integrated with class schedules in the future, making it much more convenient for students to keep track of where they have to go and when throughout the semester.

To make things even easier, digital displays will be set up outside teaching rooms all over campus; these will show up-to-date information on the modules being taught there.