The February Student Panel was joined by Gary Clarke, Head of Commercial Services where he updated the panel on:

Gary Clarke, Head of Commercial Services, came back to the Student Panel to inform the current members on how feedback from the previous Student Panel has been incorporated in the plans for the new and renewed catering outlets.

Based on feedback from the previous panel, we have invested in giving each catering outlet their own identity and brand. Panelists were very keen to get options that were value for money, variety of offerings and receive a quality product and service.

Clarke gave an overview of all the catering outlets that will be available, introduced the Time2Eat app that will allow students to pre-order or get food delivered and introduced Compass, the new catering provider that will oversee catering across each of our campuses.

The Student Panel was very interested in the offer on all our campuses and wanted to learn more about the discounts that would be available to students.

Clarke reassured students that we are doing everything to keep prices student friendly. Panelists welcomed the option to pre-order food via the app as this would allow students to quickly grab some lunch in between classes and social activities.

Non-academic student activities

Gary Clarke is currently also looking after coordination of non-academic student activities and asked the Student Panelists how we could improve on our events for students.

A panelist pointed out that some transport options finish early evening and as such would make it difficult to attend evening events. This feedback was brought back to the Travel & Transport Project Manager to share with Translink.

They also added that aside from improving digital communication channels, it is also important to keep using posters on campus to keep students up to date.

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