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Celebrate International Women’s Day!

Carla McGreevy is a breathwork and somatic therapy facilitator and also an embodied movement specialist.

Join Carla for a 60 minute session focusing on this year’s theme: Embrace Equity.

This event will run over the lunch hour in BC-03-104, there will be limited spaces, please email to confirm your space.

Discussion around generational changes, healing the generational trauma of the abuse of women and supporting activism.

Come to experience short, potent breathwork and movement practices to support healing the areas of pelvis + neck.

'I want to support you in connecting to the power that lies in your body to create the change you want in the world. The world needs your voice and action.' - Connect with Carla,

insta @carlamcgreevy1

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This event has ended

Wednesday 8 March

12.45pm to 2.15pm