Weigh to a Healthy Pregnancy

Find out more about the weigh to a healthy baby study.

The Weigh to a Healthy Pregnancy (WHP) programme was a pilot regional maternal obesity project developed by the Public Health Agency to support pregnant women with a high BMI of 40 or above.  The pilot project was delivered across all five Health and Social Care Trusts in Northern Ireland.

Intervention components

Face-to-face with a midwife and/or dietitian at three different time points during pregnancy and one contact at 6 weeks postpartum. Two group sessions at 18-20 weeks gestation and 28-34 weeks gestation and telephone/texting support at three time points during pregnancy.


The aim of the evaluation was to assess the effectiveness and feasibility of the Weigh to a Healthy Pregnancy programme in limiting gestational weight gain in obese pregnant women.

Key objectives

The six key objectives of the evaluation were:

  1. To examine uptake of and attrition from the 'Weigh to Healthy Pregnancy' programme
  2. To determine maternal weight gain during pregnancy and weight loss at six weeks post pregnancy
  3. To assess the impact of the intervention on maternal lifestyle factors including eating behaviour, physical activity and attempted breastfeeding
  4. To assess the impact of the intervention on maternal and neonatal pregnancy outcomes
  5. To ascertain the ability of the programme to facilitate sustained life style changes in the postpartum stage
  6. To examine the feasibility of delivering the programme within the current clinical environment

CI: Professor Marlene Sinclair, Professor Marie Murphy, Professor Brendan Bunting, Dr Alyson Hill & Dr Mary Jane Brown