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  • History Space

    HistorySpace, a mobile application that helps tourists explore and understand the stories of the past (Adrian Hickey and Helen Jackson)

  • Honeycomb

    Honeycomb- Creative Works, is a £3.58m programme targeted at companies and professionals who are leading on digital content creation across the INTERREG IVA region of the six border counties of the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland and the western seaboard of Scotland. Honeycomb is tasked with:

    • Intelligence Gathering: to monitor sectoral developments
    • Developing Networks: to build the capacity of, and establish greater links between digital content SMEs, freelancers and start-ups
    • Skills Development: to address the shortfall in sector-specific training for the digital content sector
    • Enterprise Development/Project Finance: to provide a seed funding programme and investment fund for early stage digital content projects for both freelancers and creative enterprises.

    The programme was delivered on time and exceeded all its output metrics. Its impact was such that it was put forward by Ulster University for a Guardian award and also an ARMA one and it made the shortlist of five for impact in this competition. (Colm Murphy)

  • Generation Animation

    Generation Animation, (, a creative programme that encourages school children to discover the Unicef Rights of the Child by animating their stories. (Adrian Hickey)

    Students working on Generation Animation have since been awarded the UUSU (Ulster University Students Union) Student Excellence Awards (2017) for Volunteer/Voluntary Project of the Year.

  • Agency

    Agency, is the manifestation of a CMR research paper (Rethinking Vocational Learning and Teaching Spaces for Media Curriculums in Higher Education), that interrogates the effect our teaching spaces on pedagogy and practice.

    This project has since been nominated for Ulster Team of the Year (2017) - Interactive Media Team (BA Hons), School of Media, Film and Journalism

    "We propose to develop a new Interactive Media learning space which... will allow us to draw conclusions on approaches to Interactive Media pedagogy, employability and teaching spaces across a range of focused production areas."
    (Adrian Hickey and Alan Hook)

  • Archie's Caves (iOS 2015)

    Archie's Caves is a puzzle platform game inspired by the history of the Marble Arch Caves in Enniskillen.

    The game tells the story of Archie; the grandson of one of the famous Yorkshire Ramblers.

    The Ramblers ventured to the caves every summer in the 1940s to plot the caverns and extend Martel's original exploration.

    Archie, following in his grandfather's footsteps sets out to explore the caves and the magic that lays under the hills of Fermanagh.

    (Alan Hook)

  • Project Social

    Project Social, (, engaging students in their community by mentoring their media outputs for non-profit organisations. (Adrian Hickey)