Pervasive Computing Research Themes

The Pervasive Computing Research Centre operates across a number of research themes relating to Smart Environments, Smart Communities and Smart Cities.

The vision of the Pervasive Computing Research Centre is to realise ubiquitous environmental monitoring and data analytics solutions with a focus on health and wellbeing. To achieve this, it has been undertaking rigorous research in the following three main research themes.

  • Human Activity Recognition

    Research relating to sensor-based technologies with applications in activity recognition, behaviour monitoring, assistive technologies for healthcare and independent living.

  • Ubiquitous intelligence

    Research in IoT and edge computing, process analytics and automation, privacy and security, and user-centred intelligent cyber-physical systems.

  • Human-Computer Interaction

    Through the centre’s Living Lab focus, research on the human factors associated with interactive computing systems, multimodal interaction, and affective and wearable computing.