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About the Project

Trailgazers (TG) Bid will measure socio-economic impacts from investing & promoting trails in areas of rich natural heritage. Project objectives are to establish a common set of economic, social & environmental KPIs; develop
innovative technologies & systems to capture trails activity and develop plans to sustainably manage trails. Results include a trails dashboard, tools to digitally target visitors and boosting of Atlantic Tourist numbers.

Projected key outcomes

  • develop a transnationally tested framework which enables the future management and promotion of trails across the Atlantic Area
  • use digital technologies and indicators to develop trails in an environmentally friendly, sustainable, cost effective and highly innovative manner
  • collectively measure the economic and social impact from investing and creatively promoting identified trails, in areas of rich, natural and cultural heritage
  • establish common set of economic, social and environmental indicators, utilise innovative technologies and systems (sensors, GIS, augmented reality) and display metrics via a ‘Trails Dashboard’
  • explore how new technologies such as Go Procameras, drones and Talking Heads can be used to showcase trails to Atlantic tourist visitors via virtual experiences
  • develop Destination Management Plans to preserve natural and cultural assets for future generations