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About the Project

Stratus will use disruptive VR technologies to enable exploration of the Past, Present and Future, maximising societal benefits from natural and cultural heritage. In Stratus we will use VR to enhance the visitor experience, help direct the flows of visitors and inform policy.

Projected key outcomes

  • push the limits of VR today with the goal of enabling its potential to be realised in the future
  • develop VR solutions that enhance and integrate exploration of cultural and natural heritage
  • bring together real-world media (aerial, 360, 3D and stereoscopic) with virtual world media enabling new perspectives on natural and cultural heritage to enrich onsite experiences and inform digital narratives
  • design collaborative heritage VR where multiple users communicate within the same Virtual Environment, mixing onsite and offsite participants
  • use VR to connect together cultural and natural heritage sites both enhancing experience and managing flows of visitors (Wild Atlantic Way)