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About the Project

The StoryTagging project combines traditional storytelling with modern technologies to help increase the visibility and market reach of creative practitioners working in remote areas.

The project will develop a digital platform (both a website and apps) that will allow creatives to harness those stories that make Northern regions distinct: place, identity & community; folklore; cultural heritage; landscape and natural heritage.  Northword is the brand name that will be adopted for the digital platform.

Projected key outcomes

  • work with local communities to gather up to 30 stories in each partner country
  • present stories in a variety of multimedia formats
  • invite creative practitioners in each of the partner countries to apply for a small grant allowing them to develop new products or works inspired by these stories
  • use digital platform to both bank the stories and to market and sell the products to online visitors
  • collect data analytics allowing creatives to better understand their global audience
  • create a skills hub to train participants in digital marketing skills
  • make platform available for the use of communities and creatives across the NPA area as a not-for profit business model to be adopted to sustain the digital platform