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About the Project

Securing Tomorrows World builds on Ulster’s well-established STEM outreach activities to create a long-lasting cost-effective model to train degree-qualified academic & industrial engineers in the art of inspiring students to follow an cyber security career.

This will take place through inspirational, practical-based demonstrations that will serve to enthuse school students.  These practicals will be aligned to the appropriate syllabi so as to ensure the schools become actively involved. In parallel, we will train engineers in engaging with primary, GCSE and A-Level students.

Engineers from across the region will be recruited to take part in the project and we will film case studies capturing their passion for cyber security which will be incorporated into our workshops and used to create an online interactive resource. Finally, a series of public engagement events will be delivered to students, with the aim both of increasing their academic understanding and inspiring the next generation of engineers.

The objectives are as follows:

  • To develop a series of practical tasks aligned to the appropriate academic syllabi, for delivery to students in years 6-7 (Primary), 10-11 (GCSE) and 12-13 (A-level).
  • To create, deliver & refine a transferable training package to support cyber security professionals to engage with school students in order to share their passion and expertise.
  • To provide opportunities for engineers to benefit from learning through experience/hands-on and to encounter the challenges and opportunities of public engagement.
  • To educate teachers, students & the public about the importance of cyber security within society with engaging interactive encounters that will foster awareness of computer security.
  • Create a website with educational materials to remain accessible throughout and after the project completion. Use social media to engage with the public throughout the project in order to share photos / videos and exchange experiences.