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EU Interreg NPA

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About the Project

There has been an upsurge in use of technology solutions across the NPA, solutions that have been attempting to reduce effects of COVID-19.  These include attempting to reduce demand for other services, protection of vulnerable people (apps for wellbeing), using technology for test/trace of cases and technology to enable social distancing.

Projected key outcomes

  • report on usage (what exists) and its effectiveness across the NPA sharing good practice
  • gather information, make recommendations and assess how e-health/technology solutions have been put in place during lockdown; also how they have been brought to population groups who need it/may not know how to use it
  • study technology best practice; technology innovation with low threshold which could be (or has been) fast tracked for future waves/pandemics
  • form coherent responses to NPA ref technology for COVID-19 in the region, ensure NPA is prepared and provide lessons for the next NPA programme