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About the Project

iPatient developed an interactive teaching tool for colleagues in ADDL at Ulster.  It simulates a range of patient scenarios to provide students with teaching and revision material on the topic of the ‘Red Eye’.

Patients presenting to Optometrists with a red eye could have a wide range of different conditions, ranging from sight threatening (orbital cellulitis) to benign (mild dry eye).  This teaching tool was developed to refine the students’ differential diagnosis skills; it will be used for undergraduate and post-graduate teaching in addition to CET events.

Projected key outcomes

  • pilot the iPatient application with Optometry staff and students to test its usability, accuracy and effectiveness as a teaching implementation
  • test tool on a group of Optometry students and qualified practitioners (staff) to evaluate when ready and fully functional for use in modules
  • design a questionnaire that will assess how useable, accurate and effective the teaching tool is
  • gather feedback from the participants on any areas where improvement may be required.
  • work with the application designer to implement suggested improvements