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About the Project

We are developing an upper limb rehabilitation game for stroke survivors. The device consists of a Bluetooth connected wearable glove device operating alongside a mobile game app.

The device will contain lots of games requiring specific range of motion (ROM) movements from patients. A patient controls the game with their arm movements, earning game points and achieving goals while games automatically adapt the difficulty level. A
patient’s game and assessment results are shared with therapists who can monitor and control the therapy process.

Unlike existing solutions, ours addresses all aspects of the problem and includes therapists within the recovery

Our device covers all upper limb with one device, also introducing unique innovative features into the
rehab sector:

  • A personalised game environment based on Behaviour Change Techniques
  • First-in-rehab multiplayer stimulates patients' socialisation
  • Complex assessment for patients and therapists with remote patient monitoring

Projected key outcomes

  • Develop hardware concept in line with identified features. This work will be iterative in its approach and will commence with a list of hardware requirements.
  • Complete technical specifications extracted from the developed hardware concept.
  • Spec design from relevant clinical contacts: scope of motions covered, analysis and assessment procedures specifications and limitations;
  • Create tech roadmap with detailed task breakdown.
  • Compute product cost/timeline estimations as well as spec with product description, outline, proposed/rough/draft drawings/designs; hardware materials and manufacturing experts as a part of the concept estimations, such as type of sensors, source production, etc.